Saturday, 12 January 2008

iPhone #2 UPDATE (WORKS!)

You all probably remember that I had a problem with my second iPhone. Well, I solved it today. I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.

As you are probably suffering from severe ADD you can't even remember what I wrote 2 articles below. So I'll repeat it here in short.

I couldn't jailbreak the phone because I couldn't activate wi-fi. It was greyed out, or in other words, disabled. So no jailbreak/activation for this mobile. It was functionally an iBrick.

After hours and hours I dug out a little gem of information: iBrickr can activate + jailbreak iPhones with cable (it doesn't need wi-fi) but you need 1.0.2 firmware. I didn't think it was possible to put 1.0.2 over 1.1.2 (dunno why) but I accidentally found out a guide to do it. You have to enter some other DFU/restore mode. Installed 1.0.2 software version, entered some commands in iphuc (binary for windows, all of this later) and tried iBrickr. Pressed the Free my Iphone button (or whatever it was), but nothing really happened. Then I remembered that I have AppTappInstaller for windows (it was part of iDemocracy pack), ran it, and lo and behold, it installed itself and said all was fine. Ok, the phone was jailbroken now, but not activated. I ran iDemocracy and in Non AT&T tools found a button Activate 1.0.2 and it worked. Reboot later I had almost fully functional iPhone. Wifi is still disabled though, the wifi chip or something related was DOA I guess. But anyway, I put my sim+turbosim from my iPhone #1 and it completely worked. Calls worked, but didn't try texting, but I'm confident they work.

One may ask: "But what about 1.1.2"? True, you can do that too if you wish. You can use Oktoprep from . But wait, how can you install Oktoprep if you don't have wifi? One word: EDGE. I'm not really sure what are the minimal program requirements for 1.0.2 -> 1.1.2 but you can follow the normal guide. So by using EDGE you can download necessary programs/tweaks to install 1.1.2 so at the end you will have jailbroken+activated iPhone.

One slight problem remains though. As I can't enable wifi, there will be problem accessing the phone by ssh. I still haven't researched if it would be possible to do it (eg to copy files from pc to iphone) with iBrickr or iphuc. But I'm not really worried because I can do all the necessary stuff (programing turbosim) on my iphone #1 and then just transfer sim+turbosim to the #2.

So the full guide is this:

1. Put iPhone in DFU mode
As the guy from iphone-elite forums says:

  1. Connect your iphone, and start itunes.
  2. Hold both buttons for around 10 seconds until you get a (second) black screen.
  3. Then release upper/power button and wait around 10+ seconds when itunes notices a phone in restore mode.
  4. The most important thing is that you mustn't have that itunes/cable icon at iphone. The screen have to be turned off. Then you will know that you have right DFU mode.
2. Install 1.0.2 firmware (downgrade). Just google for it, download, shift+click on restore button in itunes, downgrade

3. Run iphuc. Enter this commands:

cmd setenv auto-boot true

cmd saveenv

cmd fsboot

4. Install AppTappInstaller (jailbreak). Just download iDemocracy pack mentioned previously. Unzip, run AppTappInstaller.exe. Everything should pass smoothly.

5. Run iDemocracy (activation). In Non AT%T tools tab press Activate 1.0.2 button and do what you are told to do.

Reboot and you now have 1.0.2 activated and jailbroken iphone but without wi-fi.

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