Friday, 11 January 2008

Honor Rewards Calculator

UPDATE: Fixed calculator links and added Excel link

So you have a dilemma buying between i.e. Vindicator Dreadweave Cuffs and V. Dreadweave Stalkers? Want to see what is your best upgrade for your gear honor points-wise? Is that Gladiator Warstaff worthy of buying over 2 other items?

All you need is a Honor Rewards Calculator (HRC) which I wrote in Excel but you can preview it at google docs.

How to use it:
Very easy!

1. in WTB row enter the stats of the item you would like to buy.
2. in Already have row enter the stats of the item you already have.
3. add other items in other tables.
4. Look for the numbers which are automatically calculated.

You can adjust stamina, resilience, damage and cost modifier. For example, you rather prefer resilience over stamina and stamina over +damage. Just enter the numbers in those cells. For example: (1,5 1 0,5) but in correct order.

You don't have to limit yourself to honor rewards only. Lets say you cant decide between item X or Y from some instance (you want to buy it for dkp). Just enter the stats from item X and item Y, enter the same non-zero cost and look for the differences. You can even try using it without your items (all zero).

All suggestions are welcome.

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