Monday, 7 January 2008

iPhone #2

I forgot to mention that I have a second iPhone bought at the same place and the same time. I wanted to jailbreak it but unexpected problem arised.

First few steps went ok (downgrade, prefs://1f) but the wifi just couldn't turn on. Whatever I tried the wifi didn't change from disabled/grayed.

Actually I just need to activate the phone somehow because I can program turbosim by the first phone. But no luck, I just cannot find a guide how to activate iPhone at least.

So for now, I have one fully functional iPhone and an iBrick (not really a full brick but the same functionality wise).

I was having some problems installing applications via (crashed when trying to install anything) but I found a great guide what to do:

ssh to your iPhone and then enter this:

cd /
cp -pr Applications /var/root
mv Applications Applications.old
ln -s private/var/root/Applications /Applications
cd /
ls -la
cd /
rm -rf Applications.old

This worked great.

The original info can be found on this board.

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