Thursday, 24 January 2008

iPhone #2 UPDATE 2

As you probably read in my previous post, I was thinking about upgrading firmware to 1.1.2. In theory it was quite easy. Install oktoprep from installer. app, shift+update to 1.1.2 in iTunes and thats it. But reality is quite often different.

First problem was that was very outdated and it wanted to upgrade itself. Well no problem, I'll just connect via edge (with the help of my turbosim) and update. But every time tried to install the update it failed. The error message said: "File size mismatch." The only 'official' answer to that was to upgrade to 1.1.1 (possible), and connect via wi-fi to and download new version (impossible, this iPhone doesn't have working wi-fi). But there was another way though.

  1. Download oktoprep.
  2. From iBrickr install BSD Subystem, OpenSSH and Terminal
  3. Upload mknod file from oktoprep archive to iphone /sbin dir
  4. From iphone terminal go to /sbin dir and enter chmod 777 mknod
  5. Go one level up with cd .. then sbin/mknod /private/var/root/Media/disk c 14 1 follow with chmod 777 /private/var/root/Media/disk
  6. Open itunes and shift+update to 1.1.2. Do not restore it. After upgrade you will have unactivated 1.1.2
  7. Start iDemocracy. Press the big button titled: "Jailbreak 1.1.2" in 1.1.2 tab. (You must have Java runtime enviroment installed - jre)
  8. Some huge numbers will start running in your console window but after it ends (it will be like some_huge_number/some_identical_huge_number) the idemocracy should complete. In my case console and idemocracy froze and I manually killed both programs.
  9. Restart iphone.
  10. My iphone was still saying that it was unactivated but when I unlocked the screen it went to home screen and everything was fine since then.

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