Friday, 25 January 2008

Firmware 1.1.3

It didn't pass much time between an announcement that firmware 1.1.3 was jailbroken to actual release of the guide how to jailbreak it. There is some controversy about it because the author who released the jailbreak method (Nate True of iBrick fame) was part of the team who actually jailbroke 1.1.3 and the team wanted to wait with the public release until SDK for iPhone is released. This delayed release actually makes sense because if they released JB method now, Apple will patch the firmware holes and release 1.1.4 with the new SDK . In reverse case, Apple would probably just release SDK and there would be no need to additionally work on a new patch. In any case, I wanted to try the new 1.1.3 firmware (without bootloader upgrade) so I did it.

The process was simple. Have 1.1.1. or 1.1.2 already jailbroken, run new iBrickr, install Nate True's new program with, let it do its work and you have 1.1.3 firmware (with your current bootloader).

But 1.1.3 has some serious problems.

  1. resets your gmail password every time you run it, so ti is impossible to read your mail other than using Safari.
  2. When receiving call or sms, contacts from your address book are not used.
  3. SSH and many other programs don't work. This will probably be solved later by program's authors though.
  4. Even though google maps is more usable in the new version, hybrid view doesn't work and only displays satellite view part of it. Positioning doesn't work too, but that is expected because to work you have to get baseband upgrade.
  5. Webclips and custom rearrangement of icons is great actually. It would be even better if you could make webclips who point to your address book numbers so you could have a separate screen which can be used only for quick dialing.
Since I didn't upgrade the baseband there still is a possibility to downgrade to any of the "standard" firmwares so I did it. So my advice would be: wait for fixes of this problems and then install 1.1.3. There is still problem with bootloader but we'll see what the good hackers will do about it.

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