Saturday, 29 November 2008

Apple headphones suck build quality wise - part 2, final conclusions

Note: This is a followup to my previous post about the low quality of the apple iphone and/or ipod headphones.

Just look at those awful headphones (why yes, I know that photo suck, but you can thank nokia for crappy ccds). These are iphone's and they are almost 1 year old. They completely disintegrated few days ago. Trouble started when the rubber rings around the the earpieces fell apart. Then around two months later, the rubber around male connector fell apart too because the iphone's female connector is a hair smaller than the headphone's male piece. At the same time the wire at the connector was chipped. I had to fix it with carefully applied electrical tape, but that worked only for a short while - right earbud stopped working. The wire snapped inside the microphone piece.

So with this day, I threw away two apple earphones, which were around 1 year old. The third pair lost the rubber around the earpieces months ago even though it was in the drawer all the time and never used! I have to stress that the headphones were always handled appropriately so the last one to blame about the quality of the earphones is me.

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