Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Apple headphones suck build quality wise

Believe it or not but I have already seen one headphones completely disintegrate (from my classic hd ipod - 30GB), and my iphone's earbuds are going the same way, unfortunately. I thought that first set of headphones was just unlucky (and I borrowed them to my brother), but now the next set is going the same way.

I figured they should be handled carefully, and so I did. And I even used them very moderately. I have those iphone earbuds for 6 months now and now they are nearing their end.

The rubber rim which connects earphone speaker and the outside case just starts to crack after some time. When the rubber gets completely destroyed (couple of uses after it cracks) internal speaker just falls out of the case and that is generally the end of the headphones.

All this considered, I'm dissappointed by the quality of the headphones. Now, I do have a strange feeling that other apple hardware might not have long life after all. Now macbook's power cord suddenly doesn't feel sturdy at all (never was truth be told) etc.

On the pictures you can see how the rubber rim just starts to crack. I applied some loctite glue on it but it is very uncomfortable in the ear so I'll have to polish it a bit.

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