Monday, 16 June 2008

Cognitive dissonance of 21. century's retar^H consumers

Just look at this abomination of reasoning:

To follow the modern trends I'm giving away my two iphones for free*. Just give me your real name and address and I'll ship to the first two who e-mail me.

What is wrong with these people? A phone (or whatever) can't be free or be called as one if you are paying 90 euros (if that isn't a lot to you, this is one more reason to have extremely high inheritance tax) every friggin' month in subscription plan. That is whooping 2136 euros my dear readers. But lets just watch all the morons signing those contracts at July, 11th. I'll still be here laughing my ass off.

And yes, I can laugh for two years.

*includes €30000 subscription cost over two decades.

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