Sunday, 10 August 2008

Leatherman skeletool review

I couldn't find any decent review of this tool on the web so I decided to write one myself.

Leatherman made great multitools but nearly all of them were a bit on the heavy and bulky side. So with the skeletool they made a niche product for people who prefer light, basic, but powerful tools. So when you compare skeletool and e.g. wave, skeletool only has pliers, a straight bladed knife, belt clip, a bottle opener and finally a bit driver. Wave on the other hand has all of that and almost everything else including the kitchen sink on top of that. The problem is, wave is bulkier and most importantly at least twice as heavier. You probably won't even use/need half of the tools it has. It just comes down to a difference between a: "I'll take him with me on this trip" or " it's just too heavy, I'll leave it at home".

The difference between skeletool and pricier skeletool cx is in my opinion purely based on the looks. Just more important difference is a jagged+straight blade of a cx version and straight blade of normal skeletool.I prefer the latter because it is easier to cut ropes with it.

So how does skeletool feel in one's hand? It's great. The tool is sturdy and easy to handle. The knife is sharp and sturdy too, not wobbly at all. It as easily opened with one hand as pliers are with both. It's funny to notice that many owners of the skeletool (or even wave) don't realize that the knife has a hole just for the opening with the thumb. They rather think the hole is a weight saving measure as the others. I haven't tested the bit driver much so I can't write much about it.


+ lightness
+ relatively small size
+ sturdy, solid and great construction

- price
- lacks scissors (generally even more usable than a knife)

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