Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Batman: The Dark Knight movie review

First a full disclosure.

I watched first Batman (with Michal Keaton) movie and I enjoyed immensely. It was somewhat realistic, had ok script, excellent acting (from every major actor, and that includes Michael Keaton), and was a great movie at the time. Things went very downhill from that movie, and I'm thinking here about Batman 2, 3 , 4 (Batman & Robin). Batman movies had a restart with a Batman Begins in 2005. Even though that movie was better than 3 and 4 it was stil bad. I admit it wasn't a disaster but it was bad nevertheless. The acting was horrible (more wooden then woods of Siberia), the plot was a disaster, and everything else was just junk. But even with these negative sides it was still better than 3 and 4. Which says alot about 3 and 4. So it is easy to understand why was I cautious about reviews when this new movie hit the cinemas and movie reviewers.

I rarely go to the cinemas to watch movies and I was pleasantly surprised how good the movie was. The movie has great beggining and a large part was very dramatic and, in a lack of other words, pumped-up. Music plays a lot in these kind of scenes and it was generally great. Acting was ok, even Christian Bale (batman/bruce wayne) plays ok even though ASIMO could act better. Even though the movie is long it never gets boring (which is great, because even great movies can be boring at the end). The downside of this is that story is somewhat overloaded and a bit confusing. Heath Ledger plays the Joker great, even though his acting is a bit overrated and his character downright chaotic. I know it is supposed to be chaotic but completely crazy people can't do nothing complicated. Harvey Dent/Twoface (played skillfully by Aaron Eckhart) role was in my opionion a bit forced and his transition was too fast and too lets-make-this-character-bad-now-so-we'll-invent-some-completely-ridiculous-reason-to-convert-law-abiding-attorney-to-crazy-serial-killer. Some reviewers said the movie was actually about Joker but they are wrong as usual. The movie was about Batman-Joker-Harvey Dent/Twoface.

I was going to write about this movie a lot more but I just got bored with writing about pointless stuff. So to conclude: the movie is good and you should go and watch it.

[Update] I came to a conclusion: I suck writing movie reviews.

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