Thursday, 24 July 2008

iPhone 2.0 firmware

Dev-team released pwnage tool 2.0 (and 2.0.1) to unlock, activate, jailbreak and preload your iphone with firmware 2.0. I didn't follow any guide on how to install 2.0 and use pwnage tool because it was very easy anyway. The process went smooth and I had 2.0 in a matter of minutes.

But I did spent hours trying to get back to 1.1.4. So what went wrong?

There are two methods for using pwnage tool 2.0 (what a horrible name btw). One is to use default contents to preload them to iphone (cydia installer, and some other things) and the other one was advanced mode where you could choose what to put on the iphone and what not. When jailbreaking the first time I decided to use default values. What I got though, was Cydia with like 26 packages already installed. That was unacceptable. On top of that Cydia (as a replacement) has many rough corners still. So next time I customized the package to be preloaded on the iphone. I just removed everything and wanted just a normal unlock. That was possible and it worked. But I still had the most annoying problem with autocorrect fuction when writing pretty much anyting on the iphone. There was just no reasonable way to turn it off. I saw few suggestions to connect by wifi to the phone and delete it. But that was naturally impossible because as you can remember I was working on the wifi-less iphone. Then there was the issue with network carrier selection screen. I just couldn't manually select my carrier. 90% of the time it just didn't work.

So I decided to put back 1.1.4. and found a guide to do it. The problem was, the guide wasn't of much use. So I didn't actually managed to put it back. To aleviate my problems with the autocorrect function I used polish keyboard which was working almost ok. Then I had an idea. Why don't I connect to the iphone by cable using iphone browser program and just delete the dictionary file. The bad news was that the iphone browser crashed when started. Then I found another program called disk aid (completely wrong name for a iphone browsing program), and did it with it. I just renamed the file and it worked perfectly. I still have problems with carrier selection but I hope it will be fixed in the next firmware version.

So what about the 2.0 features?

Push mail: I didn't test it much to be honest. It somewhat worked with mail2web but I have to test it much more because I'm not sure it is working ok. But in anycase push mail should be a great feature. UPDATE: after testing it a bit more I concluded that the T-mobile in croatia is blocking exchange push mail for "normal" phones. We'll see what happnes when iphone finally arrives here.

App store: easy to use, didn't try any of the programs because I don't have money to waste around. And I read somewhere pretty much almost all programs are junk.

Scientific calculator is ok, but I was hoping for a more computer-like calculator (ie power toys calculator, mathematica)

You can geotag photo you had taken but in my opinion that works best with a gps of an iphone 3g.

MobileMe: I don't give a crap about a service which cost a whooping $100. Next please.

Screen capture is a useful trick (press home and power button briefly) but it is generally used to brag about your gps location.

There are couple of more things in this firmware but I won't mention them because they are not of great importance to me.

What are the firmware 2.0 lowdowns?

Well for a start people reported shorter battery time. I haven't noticed that to be honest but I need to test it a bit more now.

There is a nasty bug in the software by which changing your carrier is extremely difficult.

There are already rumors about 2.0.1 update so I'll keep you informed about it.


I manage to make the iphone change the carriers. The procedure goes like this:

1. Put it in the airplane mode, turn wifi off
2. Start safari, it will complain that it needs edge to connect.
3. From that screen, shut down the phone.
4. Wait at least 10 minutes (this is important), and then turn it on.
5. Turn off airplane mode, enter pin
6. Immediately afterwards go to the carrier selection screen.
7. You should get only "Automatic" selection, but when you see that, return to the previous screen, and enter again. Do this until phone starts to search for networks.
8. Wait until you get multiple options of network operators.

If the search goes and goes and never stops, you should have waited with your turned off iphone a bit more.

The second news is that iphone firmware 2.0.1. was released. I heard reports of smooth upgrading of iphone 2G (unlock and jailbreak were preserved) and I gave it a go. Upgrade went fine but the phone was locked. So it was a no go. I then just put the phone to restore mode, and then restored it using my custom 2.0.0 firmware (made with pwnage tool). So I'll have to wait for pwnage tool made for 2.0.1.

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