Sunday, 11 May 2008

Update on the iPhone #2 aka wifi-less paperweight

As many readers of this blog probably already know, my second iphone had disabled, dead on arrival wifi and a as a consequence fast draining battery. As the phone was under warranty I had a friend take it to the apple store when he was going to the 'states on a business trip.

Firstly, lets talk about what I thought I needed to get the iphone serviced.

  • Original packaging, all contents in perfect order. Check.
  • Original receipt. Check.
  • Completely virginized iphone. Check.
  • Researched the internet (apple's own pages), warranty paper for any sign of activation. Check. No activation needed. Only registration.
  • Registration done. Check.
  • Printed out all my info about registration etc, even a photocopy of my ID. Better safe than sorry. Check.

So with all this my friend went to apple store firstly making an appointment with those retards called geniuses (what a moronic pretense of a name, but probably in a line with moronic business-like overstating the importance of a low level employee). I can't fathom how they can force people to make appointments for a simple phone replacement or repair. This would be a nice place to start a rant, but I'll refrain from doing that. To make long story short; my friend had 45min of hassling with those tards and no he received nothing. No new iphone, not a service on the doa one nothing. Why? They took the phone, checked the serial number in the computer and found out that the phone wasn't activated. As I previously said, the phone doesn't need to be activated, but here we are. Apple doesn't even give a rat's ass about their own policies. So why doesn't anyone sue them (class action suit)?

Here is my theory. As Dumbledore's, my theorys always come as right so suck it up. The big majority of unactivated phones are actually outside 'states (millions of them) so those guys can't sue them. Only a small percentage of those phones are doa. Non american buyers are then screwed but american buyers can return the phone in first 3 days for a full refund or 60 days for 10% of restocking fee. So when an american iphone buyer finds out that his wifi is doa he can just replace it no questions asked. All others are just screwed. This is the reason why one will never see a class action lawsuit about activation and warranties.

What are my options now? I can't replace it even if I had a horde of friends going to a trip to 'states, and there is always option of buying a new one. I won't probably buy a new one unless I became rich in near future which has zero probability of happening. Other option is to buy the comm board (or logic+comm board) and replace it myself. I've seen the tutorial how to replace it but it doesn't seem easy. I'm no stranger in disassembly of electronics so if I find somewhere a dead comm board I'll do this way. There are already cropping out broken iphones on the selling forums so I'll probably buy one there. Another option is to have it installed in the car and use it as video and music player. Maybe the most satisfying thing to do is to shoot it with at gun and record it with a high speed camera. But alas, I got no camera of that type nor a gun.

Finally a quick tip to potential iphone buyers. Buy from your local "dealer" because you can at least be certain that all things are working fine before you buy it. Another tip if you yourself are going to buy the phone in the apple store. Jailbreak it the very same day (if you don't have computer, do it in apple store itself with ziphone on your usb flash drive) so if something is not working you can return it the next day.

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