Sunday, 8 June 2008

I celebrated a bit too early.

Even after the "lobotomy" of the iphone, I noticed that the battery is still draining relatively fast. That means it doesn't drain in a few hours (like it did before) but in a day (around 12h) with moderate use. So I decided to additionally destroy wifi chip a bit more (as I didn't quite finished it the last time, thought it was enough). But that didn't quite work as intended when I reassembled the phone. Battery was draining very fast, and I disassembled it again, almost drilled a hole on the place where wifi chip once stood and tested the phone again. It wasn't getting warm so I decided to go to bed and leave iphone unplugged so I can see if the battery lasts more than few hours. In the morning, battery was dead. Great, so I had to open it once again. Its funny how those one-time use only casings (as is iphone's and ipod's) open ever more easly every single time. Upon closer inspection of the wifi chip, I noticed a very small (I guess) resistor stuck between his leads and comm board's protective metal casing. So i removed it and removed probably every last memory of a wifi chip from the board. Now, there are three hours past since the full charge; there is no heat and battery indicator is still full. This is a good sign. I'll keep you posted whatever happens.

I just hope the battery will now last as a normal iphone's. I'm not really sure it will, because those fast battery drains surely damaged the battery. But one can only hope.

Oh, almost forgot, keep fingers crossed because my other friend is going to san fran on a business meeting and to buy me another iphone. I'm not really sure he'll get one because as I read on the web, there is a shortage of iphones as iphone gen 2 is probably going to be presented at monday's wwdc (9/6/2008).

Photos of the iPhone's comm board with partially destroyed wifi chip.

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