Sunday, 17 February 2008

1.1.3 software unlock

Just as I was looking to buy turbosim/clone to unlock the second phone, literally 30 min later there was announcement by Geohot that he released software-only full unlock. Half a night/day later I had unlocked my first iphone and second was on its way. It was tricky of course because it doesn't have wifi so everything was three times more complex. But in the end it was unlocked too. By the end of the same day, Zibri released almost 1-button unlock for 1.1.2 and 1.1.3 firmwares. Everything was finished in 2.5min. Simply astonishing. So my second (and wifi-less) iphone now had 1.1.3. (which was next to impossible to get by edge). Everything except wifi worked. But I had a complete surprise in the morning.

The battery was depleted. I recharged the battery again. Some hours later, battery was again depleted. I felt the phone with my hand and it was mildly warm. I did a research on the web and I found that iphone is trying to activate the wifi connection (even though it was broken) and there all the battery went. I just couldn't find a software solution on the web how to disable wifi. After a day or two, I was so disappointed. I've spend days and days working to activate/jailbreak/unlock that phone but there is nothing I can do now. It just keeps eating that battery in the matter of hours. I searched for help in hackingt0sh forums but I got suggestion that I should exchange this phone for a new one. Something like: "just go to the apple store, and exhange it". That would be piece of cake if I were living in the states. But I'm not.

So I had an idea to mail the the phone to the store where I bought it, they will repair/replace it and send back to me. So I mail the store politely (store's e-mail address was only on the receipt, nowhere else on the internet, nor So what they replied to me? Exactly nothing. Ok, I thought, there must be some global (albeit US) service which has an e-mail. There is no such thing. I just couldn't belive it. You can only get your iPhone (or any other apple product it seems) serviced if you take it to an apple store. Or you can call them and they will tell you to bring the phone to their store (same thing). No mail-in repair, nothing. And everyone is proud how apple has great service. This is just load of crap. Can you imagine a company who doesn't have an e-mail address publicly shown? This is 21st century damnit, not 14th century. I was thinking of sending another letter but now with sharper tones and see what happens. You will be first to know.

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