Monday, 10 January 2011

Ubuntu Linux 10.10 Annoyances and Solutions

I'm seriously testing Ubuntu 10.10 on my MSI Wind U100 and I came with some solutions to the obvious annoyances which a lot of users would come by.

1. Can't connect to shared internet connection with wifi which has WEP password. I have my Mac Mini serving as a wireless hotspot. The only problem with it is that it uses WEP password. I know that the WEP and password shouldn't be mentioned in the same sentence, but that is the best I can get. And as the coverage is almost non-existent outside the house that is a non-problem.

But the real problem is that I couldn't connect with Ubuntu on it. But the solution is to go to Network Connections -> Wireless tab -> Edit your wifi connection -> Wireless Security tab -> Authentication -> Shared Key (instead of Open system)

2. You are trying to extract a file from usb flash drive (4GB+) and the extracting program tells you the following message: "Need PK compat." -something.

Solution: Open terminal (Ctrl+alt+t) and write this:
sudo apt-get install p7zip-full

This article will be updated as soon as I find more problems and solutions.

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