Sunday, 23 May 2010

One pixel of horror in Windows Explorer

I’ve probably never seen a more glaring bug introduced in a Windows OS version. The bug was noticeable since the beta and (of course) it was introduced to RTM version as well.

When you click the picture below you will get an animated gif (gasp!) which will demonstrate what the bug. Just watch the placement of icons on the right side and the height of “organize” bar (or whatever it’s name is).




Raik said...

It doenst happens to me and maybe this is a somewhat of a fix, use a different theme for windows 7 (you need to patch or use tuneup utilities, I use the latter) and download some themes in

Mine is Ezlo theme, great looking one and no bug.

Prosperous Poverty said...

Thanks for the tip Raik.

After some experimenting in "Windows Color and Appearance" window I found out that if you set the Active Title Bar to the lowest setting (17) you get the problem I described in the article. If you set it to 18 or more the problem mysteriously disappears.

On all my computers running Windows 7 I noticed the same problem, but that is because I always customize windows appearance and other things when I freshly install Windows.

It is somewhat strange for the problem to relate with Title bar adjustment, not the action bar (or whatever the name is) itself.

Raik said...

Nice, you found the cause of this issue... I too was thinking that something you did cuase it because my 3 windows 7 machines plus I repair/fix/install PCs and havent seen this problem before, never.

BTW The only thing I change in apperance is border padding, I hate big chunky borders, set to 1... Ezlo theme comes with 8!!!