Sunday, 29 March 2009

iDeneb 1.4 on msi wind u100

As you are probably interested in OSX hackint0sh installations as I am, you might have heard about new gen of those distros. iDeneb brings OSX to version 10.5.6 and supports point upgrades.

Still, speedstep isn’t supported very well, because the battery lasts for exactly 1h:30min when almost fully idle (some web pages open, wifi on, display on) versus 2h:40min which Windows 7 beta 7000 managed.

Another problem is that resolution loves to revert to some unstandard and broken one when you restart computer manually.

So to keep things short, even though this “distro” is still unsuitable for a msi wind, I do think that it would be completely okay for desktop use.



Kevin said...

I've also tried this on my wind and can't get it all working properly, it's definitely not quite ready for the wind in my opinion.

I've also loaded Win 7 7000 on it but seem to be having issues with that as well, in terms of slow downs, although this could be driver related.

Prosperous Poverty said...

There is some talk at msi wind forums about the improved 10.5.7 battery life but judging from the comments I'm not really sure if that is true. I'll keep an eye on that development though.

Concerning win7 beta 7000, I don't remember seeing any major slowdowns to be honest. Certainly it isn't considerable slower than xp. I'm gonna try the RC1 in a couple of days time and report the results too. With the regards of drivers; I didn't have much problems, after you manage to install ethernet or wifi (can't remember which is first) and connect to the internet it downloads all the drivers itself so there are no driver problems to write home about.