Friday, 19 December 2008

Apple OS X 10.5.4 on MSI Wind [Updated]

As the title (almost) says I managed to install OS X 10.5.4 on my wind. How was this possible? Intel based computers (which includes the wind) has somewhat similar hardware as an apple macbook so people from the hackint0sh community have been working hard to manage to install os x on them. Installing os x on wind was possible some time ago (months really) but it demanded couple of things which weren't that easy to pass over. Firstly you needed a broadcom based wireless card (which you could order from ebay, but for me unfortunately that was out of the question) and an external dvd drive. You needed the wifi card because the default realtek didn't have any drivers for os x so just didn't work, and that was a great roadblock for many wind owners. But few days ago, MSI quite unexpectedly (for me at least) drivers for the integrated wifi card. So I then realized it was time to give os x on wind a go.

I already found two tutorials how to install it.

First is from a guy named Paul at modaco forums. This installation is a bit out of date (but not by much) because I found the second more up-to-date tutorial (25 September 2008) from a guy named Jose Perez at PlanetX64. (btw, you don't need to have dual layer dvd, single layer works too)

His tutorial suggests using a slipstreamed Kalyway "distribution" and he is right about it. The installation is much simpler than Paul's so I recommend it.

But the next problem I had was getting an external dvd drive because my somewhat local shops had some but were dvd readers/writers and not quite cheap as I imagined. So after looking around I realized that I could put my internal dvd drive from my desktop computer into an external enclosing for 3.5in disk (which I already had) and connect it over usb. That worked perfectly. So installing os x was just a matter of installation.

Software installation itself went very easily and smoothly. Additional software installed without problems whatsoever. One problem though are software updates. Well, everything updates without problems, but "point upgrades" ie 10.5.4 to 10.5.5 doesn't work. There are some workarounds to update anyway but I wasted a whole day reinstalling the OS because I didn't manage to get it to work. But those updates are actually pretty minor so I'm not bothered about it very much. In any case some easier methods to update will probably be released.

What works:

native resolution and color depth
wifi (with realtek drivers)
touchpad (even better than in windows, you can accelerate it much more)
normal updates
battery indicator is precise

What doesn't work:
speedstep isn't working which is a problem on this subnotebook because the processsor is working at full power all the time so it wastes the battery faster.
point uprades
ethernet? (not really sure about this, didn't work when I was connecting to my router, needs more testing)
some (very rare) windows are clipped at the bottom because of the lack of resolution. Fortunately, this is very rare and all System Preferences can be adjusted without problem.

Haven't tested audio inputs/outputs yet so I'll report later.

[Update]: Deinstalled, couldn't get over the lack of processor throttling (speedstep). I tried some programs kexts (kernel extensions) which amazingly I managed to install, but it seems to me they didn't work. So I'll wait for some other distribution in the future, even though the one I tried (slipstreamed kalyway) isn't bad at all.

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