Tuesday, 4 November 2008

Lenovo L220x review

I know, this review was long overdue and the monitor isn't really that new either. But still, people still buy it so I wanted to give first hand experience on it.

The monitor has a very wide gamut, and great reproduction of colours. One thing I dont' really fancy is that reds are too strong in my opinion. In lack of a monitor calibrator I settled on the sRGB setting in the OSD as suggested on various forums. Another thing I don't like is that the text (and vector grapics) is not really sharp as on any other screen I had before. I'm not really sure what is the problem. They seem blurry/bleeding at the edge of the pixel when bordering with white pixels. I came to conclusion that maybe the problem is that PVA panel technology is like that. So if you need sharp text (and who doesn't frankly?) stay away from this monitor.

Other things of note is that the monitor is generally stable on the stand, the controls are intuitive and easy to deal with. Monitor lacks dual dvi input badly as is the case with missing hdmi. When I was buying this monitor I thought that hdmi is used for pretty much nothing and dual dvi ports are useless. Boy was I wrong. Second dvi port could be easily be used to connect my macbook so I can watch things on the big display or it could be used with a hdmi->dvi adapter so you can play console games on the monitor withot the need to disconnect the computer dvi cable. The same goes with hdmi. Every console/set top box ships with hdmi so you can hook it up with the monitor effortlessly. I mean really, who needs a huge TV just to play console games when you have this great monitor sitting on your desk and begging to be used?

Samsung 731BF

Lenovo L220x

If anyone can explain the difference between the two pictures above, please contact me in the comments.

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