Saturday, 27 October 2007

Nerf warriors!

So I was melting faces in the battlegrounds the other day and suddenly, this warrior came and told me who is the real king there. Actually by "this warrior" I mean any warrior with crafted 2h weapon (or better) and MS build. And by that I mean pretty much every warrior.

I was done in this example in 6 seconds. That is 3 seconds of actually fighting for a warrior, other 3 seconds went to global cooldown. By the time the intercept/stun faded, I already lost 5430hp. That is more than half of my 10K hp. And to add insult to injury, I actually got a heal for +2188. Didn't help even a bit though.

Here is the armory link for that warrior.

I don't quite understand why resilience is introduced at all now. I did get the idea to really make pvp gear good for pvp, and pve gear for pve. But now I don't see it anymore.

At lvl 60 ppl with good pvp gear (say epic R13 or R14) got tons of stamina and great damage overall. But at lvl 70, good pvp gear gets you, tons of stamina, tons of damage and probably the most shitty thing of all, yes you guessed it: insane amounts of resilience. There is no tradeoff, you get everything with the pvp gear. At 60, with a bit of luck and/or a counter-build even if you had say T1+T2 gear you could down a R14 char. But not anymore at lvl 70.

To down a char with this lvl 70 pvp gear you have to go through a lot of stamina and at the same time a lot of resilience. So a lvl 70 character with pvp gear is a lot harder to kill than a lvl 60 character with same level of gear. So a guy like me with crappy gear first have to get pvp gear then actually pvp against chars like that, practically there is *no* chance for me to kill that kind of geared character. So you have to pvp to get pvp gear and that means weeks and weeks of getting wtfpwned by those clowns. Of course, at the same time they get even better gear. Great game.

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