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Wednesday, 9 March 2011

How to download files from without using Akamai download manager

Yesterday I tried to download a theme pack for Adobe Premiere Elements only to be greeted with this window:


This happens in all browsers that I tested (Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer). You can find many posts complaining about the same problem.
But I found out how to download files without that cursed manager. You simply need to edit the download link this way. Lets say this is the link you are after:|,width=550

There are two links hidden in the link. First one is:
and the second one is:

Just download those two files and run the .exe file afterwards. And that's it. No download managers, no hassle. I still don't understand why do they use download managers at all.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Solution to the missing TWAIN driver on your scanner

Yesterday I had a big problem with my Canon CanoScan 8800F scanner. I just couldn’t start TWAIN driver in Photoshop or any other program (I tested Paint, and you can obviously see the false inductive conclusion I made). Photoshop/Paint would just start the WIA driver and that was it. I installed all versions of all drivers but without success. But after couple of hours of fruitless agony (I just can’t stand when I can’t fix things) I found the solution on some page (and believe me, I did my homework on

The solution is simple: there are no problems with the drivers, you only need to install Photoshop Optional Plugins. That solved my problem in Photoshop (Paint can use WIA only as I found out). I probably missed optional plugins check box when installing Photoshop. Or maybe I even unchecked it. I just couldn’t believe that you have option not to install TWAIN support for Photoshop. Adobe installer installs everything and the kitchen sink but this crucial module for 80% of users is left out. image

In any case I now know that I won’t have problem installing TWAIN drivers next time round.